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Richard Draper


Your Skipper and guide, Richard Draper was born in Airlie Beach and has 28 years of extensive local fishing experience and knowledge. This ranges from bottom fishing, creek fishing, fly fishing to light tackle and sports fishing.


He has won many tournaments over the years and also holds Australian and Queensland records for catching fish. He is also an ex-commercial fisherman.


Richard held his first Australian fishing record at the age of 3 when he caught a Spanish Mackeral on 4kg fishing line. When he was 6, he caught 2 Queenfish on 2kg line. These records still stand. He also has a Queensland Record for a Hammerhead Shark on 3kg line.


Richard catches his own bait so it is the freshest available and uses live-bait where appropriate.


He will clean your catch for you and put it on ice.


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